Interview With FDN Magazine

FDN life is a magazine that’s about freelance, remotes, startups, and location independent business owners. It’s currently the only magazine that’s fully dedicated to this lifestyle, like the location independence, entrepreneurship, running a successful business, food, health and wellness, love and relationships, inspirational tips from fellow FDN’s, finance, leadership, art, hobbies and craft, and learning new skills – to name but a few.

It helps freelancers and nomad workers not only learn how to combat issues that are unique to us, but also get to know others like us from other parts of the world, showcase our talents, and network.

I got the privilege to be interviewed by the founder, Marie-Berdine Steyn. I was approached to share tips with the community. We sat down to talk about my work, lifestyle, how I achieve work/life balance, tips on ensuring client satisfaction, and more.

To read what my thoughts, click here to access the magazine.

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